Annual General Meeting

Our next AGM will be held at Aston Court Hotel, Coventry on 15 and 16 March 2008.  Further information, including a draft agenda and details of workshops, are available from Head Office.  All members of the NAW are invited, and encouraged, to attend all NAW events, especially the AGM.  The AGM is an opportunity for members to discuss local and national NAW issues and to determine NAW policy.  Resolutions are submitted to the AGM by both branches and individuals, enabling membership to have its say in the future direction of the organisation, its present activities and functions.  The NAW Council is elected atthe AGM. 

Apart from the business side of the AGM, it is a good social occasion.  Held over the weekend, we encourage members to arrive on the Saturday afternoon for an evening dinner and overnight stay, giving a chance to socialise with other members from all over the country before the more serious matters of Sunday's AGM. 

In addition, to ensure continuity of business, a series of Council and Branch Officer meetings are also held.