The heart of the NAW is its members.   Up and down the country, members are organising branch and regional events.  If you are considering joining the NAW, you are welcome to attend two meetings without obligation.  If you are already a member, take a regular look at our Events listings as new events are added all the time.  

Branch events - Click on the link to find out when and where your local branch meets.

County/area events  -  Click on the link to find an event in your county/area

Keeping all members informed of our social network is the bloodline of the NAW so, please ....

If your event isn't listed, please do inform either  your county/area co-ordinator,  your local branch officer, or if you have neither, please see Add your event.  

If you are a county/area co-ordinator or branch organiser please let us know of new events to add to the listings.  Go to Add your event.

If you find an error in our listings or events, please let us know by email to Head Office.