Join the NAW

There are two types of membership: Head Office or Branch.   Currently, Branch membership is not open to men. 

The annual subscription is £16.00 for the period 1st April to 31st March.   New members joining after April are entitled to a reduced first year payment on a sliding scale. 

Head Office Membership (open to men and women):

Head office membership offers a wide social network.  It is suitable for anyone who does not have a local branch or who does not wish to attend regular branch meetings.  There are many services and benefits of head office membership.

Branch Membership (open to women only):

If there is a branch near you, and feel you would like the support of a very local group, opt for Branch membership.  Go to a list of branches.

Every branch has its own personality and meets regularly, usually once a month.  Meetings take many forms; from coffee mornings to evening talks and theatre trips. Branches determine their own organisation subject to the NAW constitution which stipulates that a branch has an elected chairman, treasurer, and secretary.  Branch members, however, are not restricted to their local meetings and are also welcome to come along to events nationwide.

If there isn't a branch near you, you may like to consider starting one.  For more information on how to Set Up a Branch,  please contact Head Office.

To receive an application form by post please contact Head Office.